Established in 2016, Jackson Studios has been delivering luxury interior design services rooted in passion, style and affordability. Although being based in Stourbridge, Jackson Studios have designed residential and commercial spaces nationwide. They have been offering their unrivalled interior design excellence creating inspirational and unique spaces.  As an already established company offering a reputable, high-quality service, Jackson Studios have decided to expand, opening The Store. Alongside the interior design studio, the Store has been developed by the company’s founders, who have worked meticulously to build their vision of bringing customers ‘affordable chic’. Click 'shop' to browse some of our hand selected products.

Interior Design

Jackson Studios provides a personally curated interior design experience to inspirational customers in a fresh environment. Helping them to feel engaged and inspired. We want to design a platform that inspires people to create the home they’ve always dreamed of. It is essential that the website is intuitive to navigate whilst maintaining a helpful and aspirational atmosphere throughout.

The industry is often stigmatised as being expensive and many designers don’t disclose their prices online, leaving any budget-conscious users feeling uncomfortable to inquire. By communicating prices of services and products transparently we hope to promote a friendly atmosphere. The addition of an instant messaging service or virtual consultation makes expert advice convenient and accessible for those with tighter budgets.

Our clients have an eye for quality and know what they want to achieve, they just require help to pull it all together.

What we can offer

  • Full house interior design
  • staging for showhomes and new developments
  • Individual room design
  • put schemes together

prices vary get in touch

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